Traction Motor in Electric Vehicle

The technology of electric vehicles dramatically improving and changing to become a leader in the car market. 

Along with improving electric car Technology, the electric traction motors in electric vehicles are also improving. 

So to select a good electric vehicle we should know about electric traction motors used in electric vehicles.

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After reading this article I guaranteed you that you will get all the working knowledge about electric traction motors used in an electric vehicle.

EV transistor motor

Let's find out the answer to our first question i.e. What exactly do traction motors of EVs mean?

What is an electric traction motor in EVs 

Electric traction Motors in EVs are used for converting electrical energy stored in a battery to the form of mechanical energy. This means traction Motors are responsible for generating power that is used for relocating the electric vehicle from one place to another.

An electric traction motor is like the engine of an electric vehicle. Electric traction motor rotates drive shaft of electric vehicle that is responsible for the movement of electric vehicle

An electric traction motor generates enough energy to overcome Aerodynamic resistance, drag resistance, Kinetic resistance, and rolling resistance while propelling the electric vehicle.

Electric traction motors are also responsible for the variation in speed, torque, energy, and overall performance of electric vehicles. Electric traction Motors works in coordination with the battery and motor controller of an electric vehicle.

Types of the electric vehicle traction motor 

on the basis of the Technology used the electric vehicle traction motors are classified as follows : 

1. AC series traction motors.

2. DC series traction motors.

3. Three-phase induction motor.

4. Linear induction motor.

1. AC series traction motors.

AC series traction Motors uses high resistance carbon brushes, laminated magnetic circuit and good number of armature conductor. It required slow power on start. AC series motor have low torque on start than that of DC motor.

2. DC series traction motors.

For better acceleration of an vehicle it generate high torque at low speed. So DC series traction motors are quite useful in urban and suburban areas. DC series traction motors can work good at high load torque.

3. Three-phase induction motor.

Three phase induction motor provides better performance at low maintenance and  trouble free operation. Initially three phase induction motor were constant speed machines but now with advanced inverter circuit the variable output frequency can be achieved.

4. Linear induction motor.

Linear induction motor provide rectilinear motion rather than rotational motion, which is provided by most of the motors. Linear induction motor is quite similar to three phase induction motor but the major difference is the rotation of shaft.

Working of the electric traction motor 

Electric traction motor takes power from battery to propel the electric vehicle. To control the power supply to the electric traction motor, the motor controller is placed in between battery and traction motor.

When EVs user provides any instructions to motor controller, the motor controller responded by changing the speed, power or torque of traction motor & EVs according to the instructions. 

Electric traction motor also produces electric energy which is sent to the battery as a part of regenerative breaking. Electric traction motor is widely responsible for overall performance of electric vehicles.

How to select Motor for electric vehicle 

For better performance and maximum efficiency the selection of electric motor for electric vehicle becomes an crucial task. Right electric motor fan provide better overall powertrain performance.

1. Battery

The battery of an electric vehicle is one of the most important part of EVs. The compatible electric motor is required for EVs. Means some high voltage battery is used in large vehicles requires great performance compatible electric motors.

2. Maximum speed

The speed factor of electric vehicle is an important part while selecting the right electric motor. The motors which provide higher speed at low power consumption are ideal for electric vehicle.

3. Configuration of EVs

The type of electric vehicle also responsible for selection of electric motor. Means if you have hybrid electric vehicle then you can drive to long distance while if you have fully electric then you have to cover distance between the charging points means less distance.

4. Vehicle specs

While selecting the motor for electric vehicles we should consider vehicles weight, shape, aerodynamics, and overload capacity. Right electric motor when used with right specs gives an best performance.

Role of Traction Motor in EV

1. Traction motor in electric vehicle are responsible for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.

2. Traction motor are useful for propelling electric vehicle from one place to another.

3. Traction motor provides acceleration, speed, torque of electric vehicle.

4. Electric traction motor affects overall performance of electric vehicle.

5. Electric traction motor overcome the Kinetic resistance, aerodynamic drags, and rolling resistance

6. Traction motor in electric vehicle are useful for start and stop of electric vehicle.

Last words 

Electric traction motor is one of the most important part of electric vehicle which provide better functionality to the EVs. Electric traction motor is a part that is useful for relocating electric vehicle from one location to the another location.

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