Detailed Guide to Electric Vehicle Motor Controller

Choosing the best electric vehicle out of this competitive market is really a difficult task. And to simplify this task we should know the different parts of an electric vehicle. 

In this article, we will learn about one important part of Electric Vehicles i.e. Motor Controller of Electric Vehicles.

There are lots of parts of the electric vehicle so why we should have knowledge about electric vehicle motor controllers?

EV motor controller is the second most important part of EVs after the Battery. So for a better understanding of EVs, we should know what is EV motor controller.

Motor controller of EVs

After reading this valuable piece of content I assured you that you will get important, simplified knowledge about the electric vehicle motor controller.

When we think about the EV traction Motor Controller the first question that arises in our mind is what is electric vehicle motor controller? Let's find out the answer of our question.

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What is Electric Vehicles Motor Controller 

The motor controller of electric vehicles acts as a middleman between batteries and the motor of EVs. The motor controller derived the power from the battery and delivers it to the electric motor for generating the motion.

The various interfaces like a forward reverse switch and throttle are connected to the motor controller of EVs. So motor controller helps to control the speed, and torque power of the electric vehicle.

The motor controller is connected to the acceleration pedal to decide how much power is to be transmitted between the batteries and the electric motor.

This means the motor controller can transmit zero power when a car is stopped and the maximum power when the acceleration pedal is fully pressed.

Types of EV Motor Controller 

Based on the power supply given, the motor controller of an EV is divided into four types

1. DC Motor Controller 

2. AC Motor Controller 

3. Stepper Motor Controller 

4. Servo Motor Controller 

1. DC Motor Controller 

DC motor controller modifies the input power to the output DC power. DC motor controller primarily controls the speed and torque of electric vehicles and various machine tools.

2. AC Motor Controller 

AC motor controllers are used for adjusting the frequency of input current for regulating the speed and torque. The speed of fans, pumps, and blowers is controlled by an AC motor controller.

3. Stepper Motor Controller 

Stepper motor controllers are used for modification of alternative or direct input current to the pulsed or stepped current format. Stepper Motor controllers are mostly used in motion controller applications.

4. Servo Motor Controller 

For converting the alternative or direct current into variable pulse frequency or duration current, a servo motor controller is used. For controlling the speed of AC or DC-driven motors the Servo Motor controller is used.

Parts of electric vehicle motor controller 

The major part of the motor controller of EVs includes :

1. Input interface block

2. Communication block

3. Power elements

4. Microprocessors

5. Protection Block

1. Input interface block

For connecting to the other electronic parts of the electric vehicle the input interface block is used.

2. Communication block

Through the communication block, a motor controller receives the commands from the users and delivers the appropriate data and output to the system.

3. Power elements

To transfer the power from the battery to the motor the power elements are used also power elements can generate power from rotating motors.

4. Microprocessors

To understand all the inputs and to give the desired output, microprocessors are used. Microprocessors control the working of the motor controller of an electric vehicle.

5. Protection Block

Protection or sensing block measures all the required elements of an electric vehicle like speed, voltage & current. After receiving any threat in these elements, the protection block immediately warns the user of the EV.

Role of electric vehicle motor controller 

1. Motor controller controls the energy flow between the battery and electric motor of an electric vehicle.

2. Motor controllers are responsible for managing the speed, torque, and power of the electrical vehicle.

3. To understand any fault in the electric vehicle the motor controller plays a crucial role

4. Motor controller of the electric vehicle helps regenerative breaking.

5. Motor controllers improve the range and oral performance of electric vehicles.

Mostly asked questions 

Who invented the first motor controller?

Answer - the first motor controller was invented by Harry Leonard in 1981.

Which type of motor uses a motor controller in EVs?

Answer - the DC motor of electric vehicles mostly uses Motor Controller System.

What happens if EVs doesn't have a Motor controller?

Answer - The main function of the motor controller is to control the energy flow between batteries and the electric motor of an electric vehicle. If EVs doesn't have motor controller over there then the overall performance of electric vehicle gets severely affected.

Final words :

The motor controller is one of the most important part of an electric vehicle that improves the overall performance of the electric vehicle. To buy the best electric vehicle the motor controller becomes a significant factor.

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