Bus Speed Test - Live GPS Speedometer km/h (Online & Free)

Steps for checking Current Bus Speed Test Online

• first click on the start button

• you will be asked for location permission click on the allow button. This permission is asked only to check difference in latitude longitude to find speed

• wait for few seconds and your speed will be appear on the screen

• click refresh button if speed is not showing properly

• change the units according to your near and enjoy your GPS speedometer


0.00 KM/H


0 meters

To watch your live speed using this free speedometer, the GPS permission is necessary. This online speedometer works using GPS without any app.

Latitude: 0, Longitude: 0

Note: This site can't ask for your permission can be solved by disabling Assistive Ball Settings through your phone's main settings.

Live Bus Speed - How Fast am I Going

Are you travelling in the bus and want to check your Bus Speed Test then you are at the right place because by using our free GPS speedometer to you can easily find out your vehicle speed and how fast you are going without any physical speedometer.

So you might think why we should need to check out the bus speed then there are plenty of reason because of you have to check the bus speed. Some are as.

1. To find out when you will arrive at your destination by checking your bus speed

2. You can check if you are bus is over speeding or not

3. You will find out how fast am I going

4. To estimate the distance travelled by the bus per hour

5. Finally you will get to know about your current speed

Bus Speed Test

Bus Speed Test Online

Bus speed test can be calculated using online as well as offline methods. In the offline method there is a physical speedometer present at every bus where the driver of the bus can find out the current speed of the bus but it is not available for the passenger to check the current buses speed.

So the second option GPS bus speed test is useful for the passenger to find out current bus speed by using bus speed tracker that mainly work by finding out the change in latitude and longitude.

Bus Speed Test in Iphone

If you have an iPhone and want to check your buses fear than you can use our online bus speed tracker to check the current speed of your bus the only thing you have to do his visit our website and click on the start button to start checking out the bus speed.

This bus speed test on the iPhone is completely free and you can use it whenever you want the only thing you want to each your phone in your pocket and the stable internet connection for establishing the speedometer using the GPS.

How to check bus speed

1. To check bus speed you have to visit our bus Speed Test tool and then click on the start button

2. When you click on the start button you will get to see your current speed

3. If you are finding any dispenses in the speed then you can click on the refresh button and the speed will be refresh also you can change the units of the speed according to your need

4. Along with the speed if you want to check your latitude and longitude then also you can check it by clicking on the latitude longitude option

moving bus speed test

To find out the moving bus speed test is the is very easy task you have to only visit our online bus speedometer and click on the start button to find out your moving bus speed. It doesn't require any kind of external resources the only thing you will need is your device which has an GPS capability and some internet connection. current bus speed test can be calculated from any location.

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